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Favorite Animes

This is a list of my favorite animes, both for me to remember them and to share them with others.

Be warned though, there might be lots of sad stuff hidden under the rough surface! (And some cancellations)

Not listed in any particular order.

  • Steins;Gate
  • Psycho Pass
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • Gangsta
  • Planets
  • Angel Beats!
  • The Dissappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan
  • Darker Than Black
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun
  • Dennou Coil
  • Eden of the East
  • Terror in Resonance
  • Ghost in the Shell (all of it)
  • Texhnolyze
  • A Place Further than the Universe
  • Shirobako
  • Laid-Back Camp (zen^4)
  • Your Name ('duh)
  • Re:Zero (Rem <3)